About Us

IllumiShield offers the clearest, premium screen protection for electronic devices. Our laser-cut HD Clear and Matte Anti-Glare products are carefully designed, rigorously tested, and made with unrivaled precision.

The evolution of mobile device design has prompted us to offer a flexible protector that works on curves – IllumiAquaShield. Our premium wet-installation screen protector allows for a more forgiving installation process yet offers high-quality protection for devices – even those with curved screens.

We also offer glass screen protectors for the most discerning enthusiast. Our ultra scratch-resistant 9H hardness tempered glass protectors are designed to fend off scratches like no other type of protector could. Offering unmatched clarity with a sublime tactile experience, IllumiShield HD Clear Tempered Ballistic Glass screen protectors combine user-friendliness with superior protection.

For the best in device protection, choose IllumiShield. Experience quality.