iLLumi Aquashield Clear/Matte

A Revolution in Mobile Device Protection-

The ILLUMI AquaShield is a breakthrough in mobile device protection. Constructed of military-grade materials, the protector is made to protect your device(s) from the rigors of everyday life.  A unique liquid installation method allows secure adhesion and ensures that devices are completely covered and protected. An accurate state-of-the-art process is used in the design of each AquaShield for perfect uncompromising fitment for the latest electronic gadgets such as cell phones, GPS systems, digital cameras, smartwatches and gaming systems.

Featuring a UV-resistant layer to prevent yellowing, the AquaShield is used in military applications to prevent damage to helicopter blades and panels on fighterjets. The film is the toughest in its class, made to withstand damage that would otherwise scratch, dent or scuff your mobile device. Optically clear and virtually transparent, the ILLUMI AquaShield is made to self-heal and preserve the look of your electronic gadget.

ILLUMI AquaShield provides unmatched protection for your mobile devices. It is made to resist scratches, dents, abrasions and yellowing. Designed to keep your gadgets in pristine condition, by prolonging their life and helping retain its resale value, AquaShield is an all-in-one solution to keeping your expensive gadgets looking brand new. The film requires no special maintenance and comes with an industry-leading Lifetime Warranty that is sure to scare away the competition.

Warning- As with any electronic device, excessive exposure to liquids may cause harm to the device. IllumiShield will not be responsible for any damages caused by excessive use of water or other fluids or improper installation/removal of ILLUMI AquaShield. Please follow all proper installation/removal instructions prior to installing any ILUMISHIELD or ILLUMI AQUASHIELD products.