iLLumi AquaShield Installation




Installation Instructions

1) Power off the device & remove battery if possible. Prepare a clean work environment free of lint and dust. Wash your hands before handling the film.

2) Clean the device with the included microfiber cloth. Make sure to get out any dust particles that will interfere with the installation.

3) Spray solution onto fingertips and gently peel away film from backing. Spray an even layer of solution onto both sides of the film. This will allow you to easily maneuver the protector into place. (When not enough solution is used, the film will get stuck causing air pockets to form and stretching.)

4) Align the film (both top and bottom) and apply adhesive side down onto the corresponding area of your device.

5) Wrap the included plastic card with the microfiber cloth. Gently squeegee towards the edges, starting from the center.