iLLumiShield Installation



Installation Instructions 


1) Clean your device’s screen using the provided microfiber cloth. Before you start, make sure that the screen is completely free of dust, debris and fingerprints.

2) Using the blue tab marked "1 Start" peel back the protective layer about 2 inches. This exposes the adhesive side of the screen protector. DO NOT touch the exposed adhesive side.

3) Carefully align the screen protector to the device and apply adhesive side down. Only the top 2 inches that were exposed should stick to the screen.

4) Slowly peel back the rest of the protective liner using the blue tab. As the protective layer rolls off the bottom of the screen protector, the rest of the screen protector will adhere to the screen of your device.

5) Wrap the included installation card with the microfiber cloth and firmly push bubbles from the center toward the edges of the device. You can also use a credit card. Please note that stubborn bubbles may require more pressure to remove.

6) After the screen protector is free of bubbles, use the pink tab marked “2 Finish” to peel away the top protective layer.