iLLumiShield Tempered Glass Installation

 Installation Instructions


Preparation: Wash your hands thoroughly before handling Illumishield HD Tempered Glass. Prepare a clean work area that is free of lint and dust before you begin. Start by taking the provided microfiber cloth and use it to wipe down the surface of your screen, removing all dust and fingerprints.

Alignment: Grasp the sides of the Illumishield HD Tempered Glass with the adhesive liner still attached, face down, and align it with your device’s screen. Take note of where any camera and button cutouts are located and get a general sense of where it will finally be placed. When you are ready, remove the adhesive liner and align the screen protector to the device.

Installation: Slowly lower the screen protector onto the device’s screen, taking care to match the cutouts to the appropriate cameras, sensors, and buttons on the device. Note that aligning to only one side or cutout will not ensure the entire screen protector is aligned – all sides must be aligned evenly for the best possible fit. If you have placed the screen protector down and are unsatisfied with the alignment, quickly lift the glass screen protector off and try again.

Finishing Touches: When you are satisfied with the placement, gently swipe your finger across the surface of the glass and let it bond to the screen. If there are any air bubbles remaining, use the included squeegee card to remove them by pushing the air out with the edge of the card. Use the microfiber cloth to clean the glass and you’re done!