Samsung Galaxy XCover Pro [3-Pack] iLLumiShield Matte Anti-Glare Screen Protector

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iLLumiShield Matte Anti-Glare Screen Protector compatible with Samsung Galaxy XCover  Pro

Annoying glare -it's a common occurrence when you're trying to use your mobile devices outdoors or under bright lights. Perhaps you're at a coffee shop trying to get some work done but can't because of the light conditions. Maybe you enjoy the outdoors and are trying to share pictures of your latest adventures with your group but can't because all you manage to do is blind them. Or it could be that you are simply sensitive to light.

Unique Design & Development

The iLLumiShield Matte Anti-Glare line was designed and developed to diffuse harsh reflected light and significantly reduce annoying glare -easing your viewing experience and making it more enjoyable to use your favorite electronic devices outdoors and bright lighting conditions. A high tech layer of film actively diffuses harsh light reflecting off the screen of your device.

In addition to reducing glare from reflected light, the Matte Anti-Glare line also offers:

- Scratch resistant layer to keep your screen protected
- Anti bubble silicone resin layer for easy installation
- Fingerprint proof so that your screen looks pristine
- Transparency & clarity unlike traditional anti-glare screens
- Smooth texture for superior tactile performance

iLLumiShield Guarantee

iLLumiShield is 100% confident that our Matte Anti-Glare screen protectors compatible with Samsung Galaxy XCover  Pro will aid in the reduction of glare and harsh reflected light while protecting your screens from scuffs and scratches. We back our confidence with a no-hassle, lifetime replacement warranty program. The Matte Anti-glare line from iLLumiShield goes beyond competitor products by offering superior protection for your eyes as well as your screens.

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